Founded in 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The original idea was to do "anything" else than what we were doing. Me and my friend Kim was stuck at high paid positions at Adidas/Reebok group. Problem was that is was unbelievable boring and none of us wanted to keep climbing the corporate ladder.

Nights were spent looking online for brands to start up the company with. I had just got back into skateboarding after a 20 year hiatus so skate brands was on top of my list. We ended up starting with a small selection of independent brands out of New York & Canada. I quit my job while Kim never made the transition, So 6 months in I was operating it myself. At one point I had skateboard boxes stacked to the ceiling in my sons room and no customers to sell to.Needles to say I was perhaps more excited about these brands than the market.

Things did pick up and the market realized that some of the brands we did was really cool. When someone ask I say it was mostly luck to put us where we are today. Much of it is credited friends of a friend type of contacts. Today I really think we are in a pretty unique position. We work with a few of the best brands in the industry while still operates pretty much out of my house. I'm still packing most of the orders, arranging shipping and keeping track of all the paperwork.

Brands we have been working with / Still works with. This is the order from the top of my head.

Studio Skateboards, Montreal Canada 2014-15

Prize Fighter Cutlery, New York USA 2014-17

Iron Claw Skateboards, New York USA 2014-17

Torro Skateboards, New York USA 2014-16

Coda Skateboards , New York USA 2014-16

Northern Company, New York USA 2014-16

Quartersnacks, New York USA 2014- Current

Politic Skateboards, New York USA 2014-17

Bronze 56K , New York USA 2015- Current

Alltimers , New York USA 2015-2017

Fabriken Skateboards , Stockholm Sweden 2015-2018

Theories , New York USA 2015- Current

Polar Skate Co, Malmö Sweden 2015- Current

After Midnight, New York USA 2015-2017

GX1000, San Francisco USA 2015- Current

Butter Goods , Perth Australia 2016- Current

Grand Collection , New York USA 2016- Current

Hotel Blue, New York USA 2016-2019

Quasi Skateboards, Ohio USA 2017- Current

Skateboard Cafe, Bristol UK 2018- Current

Yardsale , South East London UK 2018-2019

Canal , New York USA 2018- Current

Iggy NYC, New York USA 2019- Current

Traffic Skateboards, Philadelphia USA 2019

Deva States, Jakarta Indonesia 2019-2020

Classic Griptape, Montreal Canada 2019- Current

Lo-Fi, Perth Australia 2020-Current

Dial Tone Wheel Co, New York 2020- Current

Cash Only, Perth Australia 2021- Current 

Special shutout to Ray@Prize Fighter, Kosta@Quartersnacks & Francesco Pini for setting up most of the contacts. Without you it would not have been the same.

If you want to make inquiries about stocking our brands feel free to contact me direct


+46 70 5906034

/Updated Stockholm Sweden 2021.05.21