Bronze dropped the first video **56K** in 2012. But Peter Sidlauskas has been filming since early 2000. The brand started as a hardware company in 2011 selling spray painted bolts for 10$. The Lo-fi style and animations of the Bronze productions have since then become the hallmark of the brand and created a a large following. Graphic direction is held down by Pat Murray while Peter handles filming and editing. Collabs with Palace and Huf have placed the brand on the mainstream radar. Still very true to its roots and always looking out for the homies.It's one of the most interesting brands of today


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Polar Skate Co founded by Pontus Alv in 2011

The Malmö based company have since then become one of the most influential in skateboarding today. Not only in videos and editing, but graphics, fashion and photography.

Polar video”I like it here inside my mind don't wake me this time" premiered spring 2016

Team is Aaron Herrington, Dan Brady, David Stenström, Hjalte Hallberg, Nick Boserio, Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, Paul Grund, Roman Gonzalez & Pontus Alv


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GX1000 is a brand out of San Francisco Ca. which became named in a small tenderloin apt.

It was began as videos hosted on slap magazine and evolved into a brand.

Ryan Garshell is the lensmen and Stephen McClintock is the creative director


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Hotel Blue founder Nick VonWerssowetz is maybe more commonly known as LurkNYC. Filmer and producer behind years of raw street coverage from New York. His instalment "New York times" is a 17 episode of big city skating. Other highlights includes "Cee-lo" and "Strangers"


Hotel Blue sprung to life early 2016 providing quality boards and soft goods.

Team is Giovanni Vacca, Adam Becerra, Mark Poole, Dylan Fulford, and Will Blakley


Distributed in Scandinavia

Top quality headwear made in New York. Reaching way beyond skateboarding stocked at some top retailers in US, EU and Japan.


Team is Wade DesArmo, Kevin Tierney, Connor Champion, Adam Zhu, Spencer Hamilton & Nick Ferro


Promo "Naomi" was released summer 2016


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Butter Goods started in 2008 in Perth , Australia. Inspired by music and other pop cultural themes. Known for great T-shirt designs and headwear. Holding down a super strong skate team from US & Australia. .

Team includes Alex Schmidt, Ben Gore, Phil Marshall, Morgan Campbell, Alex Campbell, Philly Santosuosso, Taylor Nawrocki & Casey Foley.


Distributed in Scandinavia


Quartersnacks is a website covering the New York skate scene. It's a virtual place where friends have come for over ten years to discuss the latest gossip. As a brand their success has reached far outside the five boroughs.

The publications and videos produced over the years is just too long to list. If you don't read it daily or weekly it’s time to get up to speed.


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Theories brand is based in Brooklyn , NY

Born on the premiere of Static 3 back in 2007. Now 10 years later it's a New York institution managed by Josh Stewart and his crew at Theories of Atlantis distribution. What started out as a forum for conspiracy theories later developed into the brand direction. Over the last decade most of the common known theories have been covered and illustrated.


Distributed in Scandinavia

Fabriken is a Stockholm based company/ crew formed back in 2012. They have since then released three full length videos.


Great local team and homies such as Pascal Andersson, Eddie Lindkvist, Sebastian Hinze, Anton Johansson, Roberto Blanco, Albin Brodd, Nina Troeng, Jens Bond, Lowe & Tobbe Karlsson.


Distributed in Sweden

Quasi is an Ohio based skateboard company. Formed after the collapse of Alien Workshop, and renamed from Mother collective. Trying to avoid the corporate blues with honest and raw sentiments.

Great graphics and always quality skateboards produces at PS Stix


Team is Tyler Bledsoe, Gilbert Crockett, Jake Johnson, Al Davis, Dick Rizzo, Josh Wilson & Justin Henry


Distributed in Sweden & Finland

DEDICATED is a sustainable casualwear brand from Sweden. DEDICATED’s network of talented independent artists, illustrators and photographers contribute to create the graphics. The brands is a positive alternative on the street fashion scene.

All garments are made of organic cotton or recycled materials. Member of the 100% club at Global organic textile standard since 2015.

A few of our favorite collabs include Takashi Murakami, Sam Taylor & Ricky Powell

"Support your local planet"


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Yardsale Skateboards are a South London company, shooting videos and skating spots. Their graphics have a soft 1980's lean; high fashion, VHS, sportswear and the tennis club all through the mixer. Classic cuts in clothing and decks. One of strongest new brands out of UK since Palace.

Team is Curtis Pearl, Sam Sitayeb, Darius Trabalza, Kyle Wilson, Sam Robots and Julian Kimura.


Distributed in Sweden & Norway

Skateboard Cafe is a British skateboard company formed in 2012. It is the brainchild of Bristol skater Rich Smith, who doubles as the filmer and visual head for the brand. It has steadily been gaining ground since its inception, establishing a respectable team and carving out a recognizable brand aesthetic drawing on parodies of established American dining and beverage brands. Korahn Gayle, Shaun Currie, Harry Ogilvie, Josh Arnott and Dom Henry skate for Cafe.


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Est in 2006 this New York brand revolves around the love for skateboarding, art & design. Their website with it's marketplace was long before it got mainsteam a meeting ground for second hand street, skate & sports wear. Their designer wheels is nothing short of a classic.


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